101 Local and Legendary Beers

Explore A Journey Full of Riches of Liquid Gold

And by liquid gold we of course mean BEER!

Hall of Foam

Drink all 110 beers, and you will complete your World Beer Tour, earning your name on to the Hall of Foam in your local OC. Don’t stop at one WBT. After your first tour, continue to earn OC Bucks and prizes at tour thresholds. After 10 WBTs, you will become an OC VIP and earn your own OC WBT Stein.



*State and local laws may apply to rewards received. In visit-based states (AZ, AR, KY, NC, OR, TX, UT), earn 2 WBT credits per visit (limit 1 visit per day).

Learn about Beer

Enjoying great beer is not a difficult task, but a bit of knowledge will help you get started down the right path