Since 1976, Old Chicago has prided itself on our wide range of craft beers to suit every palate and preference. Whatever your craving may be, we have a beer for that.

Pale Lager
Easy Drinkers

Crisp, Clean, Refreshing, Light Bodied

Best With

Italian Nachos – The beer allows the layered flavors of the nachos to shine, while muting the heat of the spicy sauce and pepperoncinis.

Easy Drinker

Crisp, Clean, Tangy Hoppy Bite

Best With

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks – Rich beer cheese sauce for dipping and bready pretzels are contrasted by the clean, crisp beer.

Easy Drinker

Refeshing, Wheat, Citrus, Spicy Clove, Bready, Banana

Best With

Old Chicago Chopped Salad – The Hefeweizen balances the salty flavors, and the salad brings out richness in the beer.

Easy Drinker

Herbal Spice, Orange Citrus, Tart Finish

Best With

California Chicken – The delicate flavors in the sandwich are amplified and supported by the citrus and coriander flavors.

Unique Brews

Citrus Fruit, Dry Finish, Spicy, Farmhouse Ale

Best With

Chicago 7 Calzone – The meats in the calzone are balanced by the natural sweetness in the beer. Neither overpowers the other.

Easy Drinker

Light Bodied, Slightly Floral, Fruity, Slightly Sweet

Best With

Classic Buffalo Wings – The heat of the wings is calmed, while the sauce’s flavor is brought forward and complemented.

Hoppy & Bitter

Pine, Citrus, Hoppy, Bitter, Earthy, Hazy, Juicy

Best With

Double Deckeroni – Big flavors in food demand big flavors in beer. The hoppy finish balances the spicy pizza, while the malt backbone complements the tomato sweet sauce.

Amber Ale
Malty & Roasted

Malty, Caramel, Biscuity, Toffee, Toasted, Hop Balance

Best With

Crafted Beer Burger – Grilled meat is complemented by the toasty biscuit flavors of the liquid, while the hop balance allows the cheese sauce to shine.

Scottish Ale
Malty & Roasted

Smokey, Caramel, Slightly Roasted, Brown Sugar, Low Bitterness

Best With

Italian Melt – Oven roasted cheese and meat are complemented by the smoky, malty beer. Low bitterness and caramel contrasts the sharp rye.

Brown Ale
Malty & Roasted

Hints of Chocolate, Nutty, Malty, Dark not Heavy

Best With

BBQ Bacon Burger – The beer stands up to and complements the smoky, grilled flavors while the malt sweetness cuts the acidity of the BBQ sauce.

Malty & Roasted

Hearty, Notes of Chocolate, Coffee

Best With

Chicago 7 Pizza – Every topping is accentuated. Malty sweetness contrasts the tomato sauce, while bringing the perfectly cooked crust to the party.

Malty & Roasted

Roasted, Chocolate, Coffee, Creamy, Sweet, Smooth

Best With

Meat Lasagna – Cheese and rich food flavors are complemented by the malt, while the tomato sauce acidity is contrasted.

Unique Brews

Spicy, Leathery, Fruity, Floral, Tart, Funky

Best With

Thai Pie – The sweet heat and flavors are contrasted by the tartness. Fruity and funky flavors accent the tang of the teriyaki and the vegetables.

How to pair your food and beer


Flavors that parallel the flavors in the food.


Flavor of the beer either calms or accentuates the sweetness, spiciness or acidity of the food.

How to Taste Beer

  • Appearance

    Hold the beer up to the light and look at the beer color, clarity, collar, and carbonation.

  • Aroma

    Cover the top of the glass with your hand, gently swirl the beer to release the volatiles, take three short sniffs, and take in the aromas from the malt, hop & yeast.

  • Taste

    Take a sip of the beer, swish it slightly in your mouth and “chew” on it. Swallow & sip again, noticing what you taste; sweetness, bitterness, or fruity flavors.

  • Mouthfeel

    Chew on the beer and notice how the consistency of the beer feels in your mouth. Light bodied, warming, fizzy, creamy.

  • Finish

    The finish is essential. Swallow the beer and note the lingering flavors.

*Have a question about the perfect beer or the dish to pair it with? Just ask our knowledgeable staff. They know our craft beers, veteran pub fare items, and our most up-to-date menu additions backwards and forwards—they’ll be happy to assist you.