Hot Holiday Mini Tour

November 16, 2022 – January 1, 2023

Oh Honey! The Hot Holiday Tour is here.

It’s hot…and sweet, and delicious, and…messy? Take a very hot honey tour at Old Chicago featuring Nashville Hot Honey Pizza and Mike’s Hot Honey Specialty cocktails, and selection of holiday beers and earn a limited edition Holiday sweatshirt. Baby, it’s hot in here.

Hot Holiday Tour Dates: November 16, 2022 – January 1, 2023

What’s A Tour? How Does it Work? ^*

  1. Be an OC Rewards Member. It’s free. Join here
  2. Buy a featured item on the Hot Holiday Tour, get 1 point (max 4 points earnable per day)
  3. Earn 12 points before 1/1/23, get the Hot Holiday OC sweatshirt.

We email a code and link. You order your size. We mail it to your Old Chicago or directly to you.

Legal restrictions vary by state:

*The description above is for OC Members NOT in OR, NC, KY, AR, UT
^ For OC Members located in OR, NC, KY, AR, UT the requirement is to visit Old Chicago 6 times by January 1, 2023.
Each visit is 2 points. 12 points total completes the tour. Log your visit in your rewards account. A maximum of 1 visit per day counts towards the Mini Tour. Shipping costs apply if mailed directly to you.

Hot Holiday Tour Items

  • Nashville Hot Honey Pizza

    Crispy Nashville hot chicken, pickles, green onions, and mozzarella cheese topped with a drizzle of ranch and Mike’s Hot Honey, the perfect sweet-heat kick, 100% pure honey infused with real chili peppers

  • Berry Christmas

    Milagro tequila, Mikes Hot Honey®, wild berry puree, cranberry juice, sprite and garnished with an orange slice. 7.99

  • Merry Mule

    Tito’s vodka, Mike’s Hot Honey®, cranberry juice, ginger beer, with a cinnamon-sugar rim. 7.99

Plus local store choices!

*Selection varies by location

Mini Tour Prize

OC Hot Holiday Heather Soft Sweatshirt

  • Complete the tour by 1/1/23 by earning 12 points
  • We email a code and link to your OC rewards e-mail account.
  • You order your size. We mail it to your OC or directly to you.