Beer Meats Pizza

January 26 to March 7, 2022

Hey There HOPS Stuff!

Beer Meats Pizza Mini-Tour runs from January 26, 2022, to March 7, 2022. Make sure to earn your 20 credits and get your limited-time Mini-Tour Tee. Choose from our feature items or drink your favorite brew to earn 20 credits.

For OC Members located in OR, NC, KY, AR, UT:

You'll earn two (2) credits when you visit your local Old Chicago restaurant and you can visit twice (2) a day, giving you a max of four (4) credits per day. Earn 20 credits to complete the Mini-Tour and receive a limited edition Beer Meats Pizza Mini-Tour shirt.

For Members NOT in OR, NC, KY, AR, UT:

You'll earn credits by EATING the Double Deckeroni Pizza or Buffalo Chicken Rolls. SIPPING any beer you want, as many TIMES as you want. Or TRYING our new cocktails, Tequila Blush and White Lies. Once you have 20 credits you've completed the Mini-Tour! Please Note: You can only earn a max of four (4) credits per day.

See our featured cocktails and food items below. Always check with your local OC to see what they are offering for the Mini-Tour.

New Cocktails and Featured Food Items:

  • Tequila Blush

    Milagro Silver Tequila, cranberry juice, lime juice, simple syrup, ginger ale & freshly squeezed lemon.

  • White Lies

    Stoli Vodka, Rumchata Horchata Liqueur, heavy cream, simple syrup, shaken, strained & strawberry garnish.

  • Buffalo Chicken Rolls

    Grilled chicken, Buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese, and house-made bleu cheese dressing baked inside our signature dough. Topped with celery curls and served with bleu cheese dressing.

  • Double Deckeroni™

    Covered coast-to-coast with a double dose of pepperoni, hot sauce, and parsley.

Plus local store choices!

*Selection varies by location

Mini Tour Prize

Beer Meats Pizza OC Mini Tour Shirt

Once you have earned your 20 credits to complete our Beer Meats Pizza Mini-Tour, you’ll receive an email that contains a link to our OC Merch store and a promo code to order your shirt!