About Old Chicago

Welcome to Old Chicago.

A place where the neighborhood gathers. Conversations pick up right where they left off last time… no matter how much time has passed.

Our Roots

Founded in 1976 in Boulder CO from the ideals of 1920’s Chicago, The Windy City’s appetite for tradition, adaptation, and innovation inspires the spirit of Old Chicago today. A place where the neighborhood can come and feel at ease, experience regional specialties, and always leave knowing exactly what they’ll come back for.

Our Pizza

From tavern thin and classic thick crust pizzas to calzones and Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls, we’ve got a favorite for everyone in the family. Because nothing completes a world class pint better than a plate of Chicago’s finest food


Old Chicago’s 110 local and legendary beers serve as milestones for our World Beer Tour ®, where our taproom guides tailor each guests trip through some of the most amazing beer from across the planet. And while we know good beer comes from every corner of the globe, we believe every journey should start with a pint brewed from just around the corner. After all, a neighborhood taproom should always support the neighborhood brewer.