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The craft beer authority

We believe craft brewing is an art, as much as it is a science. Which is why we take great pride in knowing the history, process and new technologies of brewing beer. Our philosophy is that drinking beer should be a discovery, from the first foamy sip to the last drop.

Passion in every pour

We take beer seriously, but believe it's an experience worth sharing. We also think that getting into craft beer shouldn’t be intimidating, so we ensure every pour invites you to discover it in a fun, friendly way.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned beer expert, Old Chicago makes it easy to discover the endless varieties and experiences of craft beer.

Start your craft beer journey
Old Chicago offers many ways to explore our unique beer selection, from tours to tasting events. Here are three ways to get started.
Mini Tour
Mini Tours

Join Old Chicago’s Mini Tours throughout the year to explore a handpicked beer selection. At the end of each mini tour is a limited-edition mini tour t-shirt, not to mention 8 to 10 new beers that count toward the World Beer Tour. Check here for our current mini tour.

Explorer Icon
Explorer Series

Throughout the year, Old Chicago partners with well-known and up and coming breweries across the country to create special, limited-edition beers, for exclusive tasting experiences only available at Old Chicago. These events are held in certain locations and last between two and three weeks.

World Beer Tour

For decades, our famous World Beer Tour has guided beer explorers through a 110-beer journey, offering special perks and rewards along the way. See if you can make it onto our World Beer Tour Hall of Foam!

What makes Old Chicago the craft beer authority?
Knowledgeable team
A knowledgeable team

Getting help from an expert while picking the perfect pint can make all the difference. For that reason, Old Chicago provides training to employees on craft beer styles, flavors and serving techniques, so they can pass their exemplary beer knowledge on to our guests. Let our experts show you the proper way to taste beer.

Selective picking process

Old Chicago's two on-staff Certified Cicerones® (Jonny Stringer and Jason Murphy) are among the world-leading experts in beer. They work diligently with regional beer experts, and brewers across the globe, to taste, review and select the best brews to offer our guests.

Perfect Pour
The perfect pour, every time

When it comes to craft beer, taste is everything, so serving beer fresh is our priority. Each Old Chicago location is fitted with state-of-the-art draft and glass cleaning systems. These guaranteed-fresh beers are then served in the proper glassware, ensuring every brew is experienced the way its brewer intended.

Think Globally. Drink Locally.
Think globally, drink locally

When selecting our beers, we think broad - worldwide - and bring those home to you. From the biggest names in beer across the globe, to the small artisanal brewers in your town, Old Chicago serves up more than 10,000 exceptionally unique beers every year. And with over 90 different brews at each Old Chicago location, you’ll always find something new to taste. 

Passing our craft beer experience on

The craft beer world constantly changes, and we're on top of it at every moment. We follow trends and brewing like bringing back old flavors coming back or inventing cutting-edge tastes. We love to pass our knowledge onto our guests, to ensure they're discovering greatness as we do. There's a lot to learn about beer; start your journey by diving even further into the types of beer we offer

WBT Wednesdays

At Old Chicago, mid-week is the perfect time to start or continue exploring with a new beer from our global tour. We frequently hold events with local breweries to bring you different craft brews each Wednesday. Check with your neighborhood Old Chicago to see what events are coming up next.

Since 1976, we’ve inspired some of the country’s most beloved breweries to get started in craft brewing. Oskar Blues and New Belgium are just two whose founders fell in love with craft beer at Old Chicago. See New Belgium's inspiring story here.